Stabilglider Peel 'N' Stick White

Tear-away adhesive stabilizer ideal for floating embroidery.
Dhs. 95.00
SKU: 14169


This product is a tear-away backing with a pressure sensitive coating (sticky) and a release liner.

  • Floating embroidery.
  • Hard to hoop items such as collars and cuffs, etc.
  • Stabilization of high stretch fabrics such as athletic shorts, sweats, etc.
  • Eliminating hoop marks that potentially appear with materials such as denim and suede.

A quality Peel 'N' Stick stabilizer should not have a gummy adhesive. Hoop the stabilizer only and remove the liner to expose the adhesive coating, then attach your item to the stabilizer. Once the design is sewn, the backing can easily be torn away. 

1.5oz density