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Enhance the quality of your embroidery by using our tried and tested brands.

Introducing our metallic embroidery thread collection!

Metallic Embroidery Thread

This collection boasts a range of metallic hues that will add a sparkle to your festive projects.

Discover the world of metallic thread with these King Star mini spools from Fujix Ltd. in Japan.

Yes you can!


Create free standing lace (FSL) with Badgemaster.


This heavy-duty film is perfect for projects where you need stability, but don't want any residue left behind. It's also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


Top Thread

GLIDE (No. 40)

Discover our range of Glide 40wt trilobal polyester thread by FIL-TEC.

Glide provides a beautiful luster and superior coverage for all your sewing applications.

Style L Pre-wound bobbins for metal bobbin case

Magna Glide Classic by FIL-TEC

Filament Polyester No. 60 on magnetic core - Style L.

The magnetic core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions as your bobbin gets smaller.

Our favourite product!

Choose between a starter pack with 12 bobbins or a bulk box containing 100 bobbins.