Stabilglider Fuse-Adhere

Fusible Transfer Film
Dhs. 82.00
SKU: 13999


Embroidery stabilizer with a permanent, double-sided fusible film.

Fuse-Adhere is a double-sided, iron-on sealing film with a wax paper backing. Once applied, this heat-seal film creates a permanent bond between fabric surfaces that is durable and can withstand machine washes and even dry-cleaning cycles. 

Fuse-Adhere guarantees a secure and enduring bond without any stitching. A household iron or heat press is suitable for applying.

  • Attaching badges, patches or emblems to garments.
  • Applique designs.
  • Affix lettering.
  1. Prepare Your Design: Position your applique or patch on the Fuse-Adhere film. Trace around it to create the shape you'll be working with.

  2. Cut and Attach: Cut out the traced shape from the Fuse-Adhere film. Place the non-wax paper side onto the underside of your patch or applique. Use an iron set to around 260 degrees F (127°C) to press the two together.

  3. Cool and Peel: Allow the fused patch to cool down. Once it's cooled, peel off the wax paper from the film.

  4. Get Ready to Iron: Now your patch or applique is prepped and ready to be ironed onto your desired garment.

With Fuse-Adhere, you won't need water-activated adhesive stabilizers, spray adhesives, or stitching. Unlike imitations, Fuse-Adhere ensures a strong and lasting bond, making your fabric projects easier and more durable.