Heavy duty water soluble embroidery stabilizer - 30" x 72" Sheet
Dhs. 48.00
SKU: 60684

One packet containing 1 sheet: 30" x 72" (76 x 182 cm).

Badgemaster is a water soluble film similar to Solvy, but significantly heavier. The perfect stabilizer when stability is required, but when you wish for nothing to remain when finished. This is a heavy duty water soluble embroidery film/stabilizer/topping.


  • Free-standing lace
  • Badges/patches
  • Cut-work


  • Badgemaster can be hooped by itself and stitched directly. 
  • Once finished with stitching, simply cut or tear away as much excess as possible.
  • Immerse in water and the film will dissolve quickly while only leaving the stitching.


  • Badgemaster is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, water-soluble film.
  • The clear and translucent film allows for easy positioning.
  • It is sturdy and allows for more intricate designs while reducing thread breaks.
  • This film maintains its integrity even after being stitched repeatedly.
  • Completely dissolvable - leaves no stabilizer residue behind after being washed away.

Following is an example of how to utilize Badgemaster to create free-standing lace (FSL), courtesy of a valued customer!
Below is the result after sewing the first layer of the FSL on the Badgemaster stabilizer.
The colorful layer of the design is sewn next.
With this beautiful picture of the final result still hooped, you can see how well the Badgemaster performed. 
Below is the final result after dissolving the excess film. 

Be creative with Badgemaster. Yes you can!