Stabilglider ClearStitch Fusible 1.5 oz - White

Nylon Cut-Away Fusible Stabilizer 11.5" x 10yd Roll (29cm x 9m)
Dhs. 78.00
SKU: 60519

ClearStitch is a textured, non-woven, 100% nylon cut away backing: soft and sheer. It is strong and light-weight. Contains a fusible adhesive coating for extra stability.

  • Ideal for light weight knits - keeps outlines on track when hooped in with your knitted fabric.
  • Minimizes embroidery stabilizer show-through on light colored fabrics.
  • Use with any woven where softness is a consideration.
  • Only a single layer is required for "no-show" results.
  • May be used with a light weight tear away backing.
  • Perfect for sheer fabrics - translucent & soft.
  • Excellent stretch resistance - eliminates pulling or sagging from the surrounding fabric.
  • Soft, sheer, stable, and translucent.

1.5oz density