Pro-Fit 2.0

Cut-Away Embroidery Stabilizer for Performance-Wear
Dhs. 65.00
SKU: 60653

A 100% polyester cut-away embroidery stabilizer: Available in 15" x 10 yd Rolls (38 cm x 9.1 m) as well as 8" x 8" pre-cut squares. (Please note that some pre-cut squares may very slightly in size due to the machine cutting process.)

Ideal for moisture-wicking fabrics. Designed specifically for stretchy microfiber performance shirts such as Under Armour™ and Dri-Fit™.

Also ideal for light-weight T-shirts and cotton polos.


  • A truly innovative product due to its ability to secure and stabilize slippery and stretchy fabrics in many of today's performance-wear garments.
  • Will minimize or eliminate puckering issues.
  • Relatively soft to the hand.


  • A single sheet or layer is recommended for optimum "no-show" results.
  • Pro-Fit 2.0 is 100% polyester and should not be exposed to direct heat.
  • May be used in conjunction with a light-weight tear-away backing such as "Tear-Stitch" for increased stability.

2.0oz density