Fusible stitch covering - 7" x 10yd Roll (18cm x 9.1m)
Dhs. 65.00
SKU: 60625

Cover-A-Stitch is a polyester weave fusible backing that is used to cover finished embroidery stitches on the inside of the garment. By covering the back of the embroidery, it prevents thread ends from coming in contact with skin and causing irritation.

Cover-A-Stitch is ideal for infant and children's clothing as it protects sensitive skin from scratching that can be a result of the embroidery thread ends.


Cover-A-Stitch should be fused on the back of the garment with a press or iron for about 15 seconds at temperatures between 250-270°F / 120-130°C. Make sure the side with the fusible is facing the garment. To determine fusible side, hold the Cover-A-Stitch up to the light, the fusible side will have a glimmer.