Clear Glide Style L - White

Style L, Filament Polyester No. 60
Dhs. 23.55
SKU: 13174


Filament Polyester No. 60.

Pre-wound, plastic sided bobbins, Style L.

The ideal bobbin for domestic machines, Clear-Glide bobbins are wound on a plastic-sided bobbin shell. Because of this, they are not affected by humidity or oils.

  •  High tenacity filament polyester, 60wt.
  • Optimized for domestic sewing machines that utilize a drop-in style bobbin.
  • Responds to machine thread sensors, alerting the user when they are about to run out of thread.
  • Uniform tension control, more stitches per bobbin than machine-wound bobbins.
  • Used for sewing, quilting and embroidery.
  • No lint build-up.