Mighty Hoop Fixture

Dhs. 899.00


Mighty Hoop Fixture with FreeStyle Arm to use with a HoopMaster System.

It is the ideal solution for consistent placement when doing left or right pocket designs. The dedicated fixtures can go on the left and right side as well as the center of the HoopMaster Station. They can also be mounted on the FreeStyle Mounting Base for hooping small items.

Mighty Hoop Fixtures are available for the following hoop sizes only:

  • 4.375 Round Mighty Hoop*
  • 4.25" x 4.25" Mighty Hoop
  • 5" x 5" Mighty Hoop
  • 7.25" x 7.25" Mighty Hoop
  • 4" x 6" Mighty Hoop (available on demand)
  • 6.5" x 6.5" Mighty Hoop (available on demand)
  • 6.25" x 8.25" Mighty Hoop (available on demand)

* The 4.375 Round Mighty Hoop Fixture is sold without the FreeStyle Arm, as it is designed to work without it.